OpenDAX v4 docs

Release Notes

Current features


  • Register and log in with email or Google
  • Linking multiple MetaMask wallets to the account
  • 2FA needed for deposit/withdrawal transactions
  • Deposit
    • network selection
    • incorrect network warning
    • OTP to confirm the transaction
  • Withdraw
  • Assets management
    • total Portfolio balance estimation
    • real-time updates
    • sort
    • search
    • hide zero balances
  • Spot trading [local]
    • Orders:
      • Market
      • Limit
      • Stop-loss
      • Take-profit
      • Stop-limit
      • Take-limit
  • History
    • Deposits history
    • Withdrawals history
    • Trade history
    • Orders history and Open orders list
  • Settings
    • UI languages switch
    • Light/Dark mode
    • WS/gRPC connection types
    • 2-step verification enabling switch


  • Cloud and local deployment
  • Wizard - user-friendly deployment tool
    • deploys VaultProxy custody smart contract for the platform with given broker’s credentials
  • Trial period
    • trial use for 14 days
    • subscription enables transactions and requires brokerage registration
  • Demo-mode - testnet deployment
    • Testnet - similar to real (mainnet) mock trading environment
    • Testnet ERC20 tokens - tokens for test use
  • Supabase Studio - low-level technical admin panel
    • Redirect to Supabase Studio from the Sidebar
    • Serves as platform management API
    • Add, remove, update, search users, currencies, markets, fees
    • Search and export to CSV platform entities and history
  • UI customization - platform appearance customization tool
    • Change colors of UI components
    • Change borders radius
    • Change logo and favicon
    • Change the platform name
  • Configs
    • Ability to add support for a new language
Blockchain support
  • native integration (Goerli Testnet for testing)
  • ETH + ERC20

2022.10.18 OpenDAX 4.0


finex: v4.0.0
frontdex: v4.0.0
opendax_web_sdk: 4.0.2

New Features

  • Packer deployment
  • Mainnet deployment on Ethereum, testnet on Goerli
  • 14-days trial period
  • Authorization via email and Google account
  • 2-factor authorization with one-time-password
  • Symbols and tokens distinction: a symbol unites equal tokens on different blockchains
  • Multiple MetaMask wallets linking to the account


  • The Balances button in the Sidebar for access to the list of assets and their management
  • Switching active MetaMask wallet
  • OTP required to secure deposit/withdrawal transactions
  • Platform activation procedure for brokers
  • Toggle to the admin panel on the Sidebar menu, available only for admin users
  • Auto authorization to Supabase admin panel
  • Ability to set specific fees for different markets
Smart contracts ecosystem
  • Brokerages contracts registration on the Polygon network via Wizard (deployment tool)
  • Versions management and upgrade protocols
Yellow Network
  • Backend part for the Yellow Network connectivity

2022.05.23 OpenDAX 4.0.0-alpha.3


finex: v4.0.0-alpha.3
frontdex: v4.0.0-alpha.3
opendax_web_sdk: 4.0.0-alpha.3

New Features

  • Wizard - deployment tool
  • Exposing finex public key
  • Assigning superadmin role to the first wallet that connects the newly deployed platform
  • Advanced orders - four types
  • Postgres Prometheus metrics
  • Custodians smart contract plugin and demo mode
  • ERC20 testnet tokens for demo mode
  • GoLang state channels SDK [data layer]
  • Logo and favicon changeability with UI customization tool


  • Adding new languages flow
  • Major assets and tokens are preconfigured
  • Platform users' roles changeability
Smart contracts ecosystem
  • Migration of SATP contracts to go-nitro protocol
  • Custody Factory smart contract for Setup Wizard
  • Kaigara library integration into Finex
  • GCP/AWS deployment flow​