OpenDAX v4 docs

Finex Engine

What is Finex?

The core of the OpenDAX v4 trading platform is Finex (former OpenFinex), a proprietary software with matching engine components. The v4 version will include a built-in solution for liquidity, a funds management system, and much more.
It performs deposits and withdrawals, accepts or rejects orders, adds them to the market order book, processes trades when orders match, and stores the results in the database. It allows a combination of classical centralized infrastructure with smart-contracts decentralized blockchain applications to provide the best of the two worlds. Finex grants the best performance of an OpenDAX v4 exchange.
Its matching performance can reach about 500,000 orders per second (in a testing environment) - this is one of the most high-performing engines in the world. Finex API exposes gRPC, and WebSocket protocols, written in the Go language, which bring very high performances at a shallow memory footprint. The Finex API server is fully scalable to handle as many connections and requests as needed by the platform.
Finex meets any scale needs: from a little local exchange to an enterprise-grade trading environment.


  • Designed to seamlessly join the Yellow Network.
    • Powered by first-class integration of State Channels protocol.
    • Liquidity aggregation from a mesh network of partners.
    • Fast and low-cost transactions.
    • Secure cross-blockchain trading.
  • Supports high-frequency trading and uses WebSocket and gRPC API.
  • Built-in high-performance matching engine.
  • Operating entirely in memory.
  • With failover mechanism.
  • Scalable gateways.
  • Minimized database access.
  • Optimized database writes by transaction batching.
  • Build-in Management API - server-to-server API with high privileges.
    • API endpoint for FIAT deposits or payment gateways
    • KYC supported by third-party providers
  • Usability and scalability.
  • Supports multiple digital currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.).
  • Supports ERC20 tokens.

Finex around the markets

Finex is a fast, efficient and flexible marketplace platform to power up stocks & commodities market, booking & betting service, or the exchange service of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and ERC security tokens. The latest Finex application is OpenDAX v4 crypto-trading platform.