OpenDAX v4 docs

Partners Support Portal

Partner Support Portal is a website for all Openware’s certified partners with access to Openware’s Support and Tech teams. The portal has the tool to upload issue reports, consultation requests, missing information reports, and other issues that could occur during the work.
Openware shall provide customization partners with some free online consultation once the partner starts providing development and/or maintenance services to the accepted Lead. Partners shall request free support via the support portal if the partner discovers a bug in the OpenDAX product or some information is missing in the OpenDAX documentation, or if the partner has any kind of issues facing during the deployment or customization. Time over the free online consultation shall be invoiced 200$/h and may also be requested via our support portal.
Access to the Partner’s Support Portal is granted only to the Certified Partners. In order to become a Certified Partner, please read Become a Partner.
Contact us to get access to the Partners Support Portal
For more details about the Openware partnership program, please contact our Partnership department: [email protected].