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Is OpenDAX v4 available for installation in Microsoft Azure Cloud?
Jan 22, 2023. We are going to place V4 images on every major cloud service marketplace. Including Azure Cloud in the future. We test all solutions before publishing, that's why images are added one by one.
Currently, we don’t publish Azure VM images, though you are able to deploy a K8s cluster on Azure and install the stack there using Helm. Please, view the deployment tutorial.
Is an OpenDAX v4 image available on Digital Ocean?
Jan 22, 2023. It’s in progress. When it will be ready, you will see it in our official documentation.
How long does it usually take to raise, deploy, and launch the OpenDAX v4 platform?
It’s relevantly fast. Deployment and configuration take around 15 min.
Are Yellow Network nodes' images public?
Jan 22, 2023. OpenDAX instances can serve as Yellow Network nodes. The images are available on some major cloud marketplaces, and we will add them to others. Please, check the tutorials.
Can you provide an image to deploy the project on our server?
We provide OpenDAX images via cloud services' marketplaces. Visit our official OpenDAX Platform Installation pages for detailed instructions.


Would a fee from the Ethereum wallet will be required after each time the system is stopped/restarted.
The platform can be stopped after the initial deployment, it doesn’t require any additional ETH fees to start afterward.
ETH is only used during the platform smart contract deployment, which happens only once per platform.
Wherefrom we should obtain Ethereum to pay during pre-deploy and installation?
You need to have ETH on your Metamask before the deployment to pay the blockchain fee (once).
For demo deployment on Goerli Testnet, you can get testnet ETH from faucets.

Upgrades and Updates

Is it possible to migrate user database with their balances from v3 to v4? Given that, will old users have their balances on v3 hot wallets and not on Metamask.
It’s possible if we have the MetaMask wallet of each user from v3 deployment. Later we're going to integrate the support of email login before the migration, so the balances will stay secure.
What is the process of system update?
Jan 22, 2023. For VM-based deployments, the admin panel will include functionality for specific component updates from the admin panel. It will appear in the nearest releases but for now, you need to install a new image.
For Helm-based deployments, you should follow the upgrade tutorial.
Is customer data saved during the upgrade of a working system?
The database is not affected, only Docker images are updated.
Also, for production environments, it is recommended to enable regular DB backups to cloud storage services.



Can we get the architecture description? It would be great if we could learn it in more detail.
Links to some components' details you can find in the current documentation. OpenDAX is a product that already includes essential services and features, but if you need specific services to be integrated into your platform, you can do it with a help of Openware's official partners.
What is the difference between OpenDAX and Peatio?
OpenDAX is a suite for building own exchange developed by Openware. Peatio was a part of OpenDAX till version 3. In OpenDAX v4 we've embedded Peatio features in the Finex (former OpenFinex) core component using Golang.
Is frontend the distinct service, or is it also divided into several parts, such as displaying charts and an order book?
FrontDEX is a frontend service that consists of components with different logic.
Can we use OpenDAX V3 (with Peatio) and transit to V4 when it's stable?
V3 and v4 share the same trading engine: Finex.
Unlike v3, OpenDAX v4 doesn't use Peatio anymore. OpenDAX v3 can be a good plan B, but for the sake of saving you time and resources, you'd rather directly focus on the v4 UI: our v4 frontend SDK is easier to customize. It is still in ReactJS, but you may save a good 20-30% of budget overhead by shifting from v3 to v4.
And going directly with V4 is more straightforward.
The frontend SDK has been heavily tested, there is no code change planned on our roadmap.
The Finex matching engine is battle-tested for years now and has processed billions of orders without single downtimes in years-long of production operations.
Our market-making trading bot Arke has also been used in production for years.
Is OpenDAX in prod state?
It's important to understand that what's really in Alpha/Beta is the Yellow Network.
We are not changing our matching engine Finex and the frontend.
The OpenDAX software stack is on prod without the Yellow Network activated. It is already fully usable as a local exchange.
Is OpenDAX v4 project already in production and uses mainnet Ethereum and Yellow Network?
Nov 20, 2022. Currently, OpenDAX v4 is officially released on mainnet. You can install and test it out: view the tutorials.
How XLN is used in v4?
OpenDAX v4 can be integrated into the Yellow Network. XLN is not used.
Do you fully support FIX and what limits or peculiarities of usage do you have?
We don’t support FIX. We have our own gRPC-based protocol that is used by all OpenDAX platforms.


Could you please share API documentation for OpenDAX v4?
Please, explore our API documentation.
Will we be able to integrate the solutions that worked with OpenDAX v3, such as authentication, KYC, support service, markup, fiat withdrawal, and referral program?
OpenDAX will support the integration of external services. We will release instructions on how to integrate custom service when it will be ready.
Please, explore the Integration section.
Is the possibility of authorization from a third-party service via JWT?
At the moment, OpenDAX v4 supports only email and Google account authorization, plus MetaMask authorizes trading activities. More to come. If we add support for such integration, it will be released on the current official OpenDAX documentation portal.
Is KYC mandatory?
No, we just added it as an option to meet different business needs.
Does OpenDAX v4 API allow running a bot for auto-trading? Will dApps connected to MetaMask allow this type of transaction?
Currently, we have integration of OpenDAX API only in Arke.
How to get access to Arke?
As a matter of fact, Arke is now open-source, so everyone has access to it. We suggest our tutorials on ArkeBot usage.


Is there any available documentation for the back-end services and matching engine?
Please, learn our official documentation. If open-source components are not documented, you can request us to prepare them.


Some pages in Figma design are absent, for example, an affiliate page. Does this need to be created from scratch?
OpenDAX provides basic functions. You can develop custom features with official Openware partners hence the development budget, the final look, performance, and quality will be custom and unique.
Does v4 have the feature of grouping markets on the platform? Let's say a user comes to the platform and wants to see only /BTC or /EUR markets, is it possible to provide the feature via Supabase or else?
You can build a custom frontend widget to implement that logic. It’s not included in the default frontend.
How we can customize v4 for our **** specific product needs?
You need to implement your own backend code for specific features. There is not much backend code on our OpenDAX NextJS example. Official Openware partners are eligible for making custom features.
You can use our official integration tutorials. If there's no tutorial - do customization at your risk.
May I ask to get access to view the OpenDAX v4 code on GitHub?
Jan 22, 2023. At the moment, access is restricted. If we make it public, we will make an announcement.
Can you please provide the frontend application code that is presented in the image?
We have Web SDK that you can use to build your application. Our library also contains a template that you can generate. So, it’s already open, you can build your custom frontend for your exchange.
Do you have some pre-existing frontend to customize? For example white-label?
Yes, we have a template from which you can start working on your own version.
Is it possible to build a full centralized crypto exchange based on OpenDax v4?
If by "fully centralized" you mean integration of custody provider, it’s possible, but will require a lot of extra development. We will add the possibility in later versions. The production version won’t have it.
Generally, tech companies develop all parts of their own software/platforms. Why do you offer an external partner to develop a customized version?
Our R&D Team's way of strategy is dedicated to product-based company settlement and absolute concentration on product building and its constant technical solution and feature empowering solution.
In this desire to become more customer-driven, we have opted the approach of extending our outsourcing partnership capabilities to meet every customer's request for customizations (from UI changes to adding major features).

Terms of use

Section 7 of the Term Sheet claims that OpenDAX modifications are Intellectual Property of Openware. Why is it so if we contribute our resources to our modifications?
Yes, we added to the Term Sheet provision that all IP rights on the derivative works based on the source code of V4 should belong to Openware. The same provision was added to the Partnership Agreement btw.
You should keep in mind that we provide you with a source code and a free limited license to use V4 for customizing and developing purposes only with Openware control on the customization and developing process. The current Term Sheet doesn’t contain any financial obligations for you.
Which OpenDAX services can we use under license, and for which do we need a separate payment?
On top of basic OpenDAX deployment, you can add services with our official integration tutorials under one agreement. If there's no tutorial, do customization at your risk, with no charges from Openware.
What is included in the concept of integration?
Deployment, frontend customization, and possible custom component integration are included in partner workflows.
My current company is registered in the UK. Do you recommend any other country for this kind of crypto exchange business?
Our clients may choose any jurisdiction to establish crypto exchange business, but they should keep in mind that providing such business activities in some jurisdictions may be illicit (e.g. China) or may require receiving some kind of governmental permission or registration (e.g. UK). Some jurisdictions are considered “crypto-friendly” (e.g. The British Virgin Islands or Seychelles) as you don’t need to meet any special requirements for conducting “crypto” business.
You may need an individual consultation to get specific recommendations on your needs.



What basic service provides the exchange, and what functionality does it include?
Please, explore a list of features in Release Notes.
Can we integrate an EVM-compatible blockchain and a native token running on that same blockchain?
Jan 22, 2023. We support Ethereum and Polygon for now. Other blockchains are in the backlog. We will announce this feature when it's time.
Please describe how conflicts are resolved in b2b interactions when one side does not confirm a successful transaction.
Jan 22, 2023. This is not quite an OpenDAX matter, it's rather a Yellow Network question. Please, see the Dispute mechanism description. We can say that brokers need to sign transactions (trade) in the dedicated OpenDAX admin UI. If someone doesn't settle, the system will punish them.
How do you work with cold wallets?
Jan 22, 2023. In the first production release of OpenDAX v4 funds are managed with the use of a smart contract.
Can we get a list of features assigned to the next releases, and specific dates for upcoming releases?
The main feature to wait for is the Yellow Network connection and specific admin panel tools for this. For now, we can provide a list of features for the next release directly to certain partners.
Can V4 be used as an OTC desk?
Yes. It requires customization.


Is there a possibility for us to add a markup to our exchange as a way of making revenue? This means adding for example 0.2% to the price of a digital asset with every purchase a user does.
Jan 22, 2023. We have a trading feature that can be set up in configs (the UI for this is yet to come) to spot-trade locally. However, you cannot add a markup on external platforms (connected partners' exchanges).
How to add a new token and a new market pair to the exchange?
Please, use our tutorials for adding tokens and adding markets.
How to change trading fees?
Please, use our tutorial on trading fees.
Does the platform have a built-in reflection of tax generated or fee generated, in a way that I can view how much fee every user paid, and how much the exchange profits from those fees?
Jan 22, 2023. We don’t have it as you described, but we store every financial transaction in the accounting system. You can process and build visualization for this data but will need a custom code to create a query and represent it.


Looking at the liquidity which is ‘built in’, where does this liquidity come from? Is it hedged on another platform like Binance or is it a shared order book?
By ‘built-in’ liquidity, we mean that OpenDAX natively supports the ability to connect to other brokers and share orders without the need for any additional integration (see Yellow Network).
Since Yellow Network is not fully ready, can we use as a liquidity provider in the meantime?
Jan 20, 2023. Yes. You can utilize ArkeBot to fetch liquidity from external sources.
Does OpenDAX work with its own-provided liquidity before launching mainnet Yellow Network?
Jan 20, 2023. Yes, OpenDAX v4 is fully ready to work with liquidity and use ArkeBot market maker to import external liquidity.
Please advise is there a description of the broker settings, API documentation for connecting to Yellow Network nodes.
Jan 20, 2023. Yellow Network is not in production mode yet. We just do RnD and internal testing of it. When it will be ready we will release it with instructions.
How to set up an exchange with a specific broker, or how do they find each other?
Jan 20, 2023. We will release deployment instructions on how to set up the connection. Brokers will be able to find and connect with each other using a specific admin menu.

Mobile solutions


Tell us about hosting selection and security of the exchange.
Brokers are free to decide where to host their platform. We're going to add OpenDAX v4 to all major cloud hosting providers. Security depends on where and how you’ve deployed your platform. Funds security is managed by state channels and custody solutions.
Who controls the multi-sig?
Jan 20, 2023. At the moment, we don’t have multi-sig. It’s only Finex that can sign withdrawal transactions.