OpenDAX v4 docs

MicroK8s Debug Process

MicroK8s Inspect

MicroK8s ships with a script that compiles reports on MicroK8s health and the system on which it is running. This is essential for bug reports, but is also a useful way of confirming the system is (or isn’t) working and collecting all the relevant infrastructure status information in one place.
To run the inspection tool, enter the command (superuser privileges are required to collect all the data):
microk8s inspect
This command would check all MicroK8s internal components' health and produce a tarball with all the relevant log files included.

MicroK8s stop and start

If you need to stop the current MicroK8s node, you can simply run
microk8s stop
To start a previously stopped MicroK8s node, run
microk8s start

MicroK8s troubleshooting

Common troubleshooting cases include:
  1. 1.
    Node is unreachable after VM restart
microk8s.status returns microk8s is not running. Use microk8s inspect for a deeper inspection.
microk8s.inspect returns:
Inspecting Certificates
Inspecting services
Service snap.microk8s.daemon-cluster-agent is running
Service snap.microk8s.daemon-containerd is running
Service snap.microk8s.daemon-apiserver is running
Service snap.microk8s.daemon-apiserver-kicker is running
Service snap.microk8s.daemon-control-plane-kicker is running
Service snap.microk8s.daemon-proxy is running
Service snap.microk8s.daemon-kubelet is running