OpenDAX v4 docs
OpenDAX crypto trading platform by openware
OpenDAX is a modular platform to deploy and operate a cryptocurrency exchange with a trading engine and built-in liquidity solution.
The following documentation will help you to understand, install, customize and administer OpenDAX v4.
OpenDAX v4 solves many of the market restrictions and suggests exciting features:
  • Dramatically lowers the price of launching and operating a crypto exchange business.
  • Grants simple and quick cloud installation.
  • Provides handy customization tools.
  • Has a clear and intuitive UI.
  • As a native Web3 platform, it embraces the security and reliability of DeFi.
  • Allows to aggregate liquidity from the Yellow network and clearing house.
  • Utilizes high-performance and low-cost off-chain transactions via Layer 3 State channels.
Explore our OpenDAX Guides:
  • If you're working on OpenDAX v4 UI customization, integrations, and seeking APIs, explore Developers Guides.
  • If you're considering becoming a broker and commencing your crypto exchange business on the OpenDAX v4 platform, learn Brokers guides.
  • You can use Users Guides to create your own tutorials for your exchange customers.
  • Monitor the latest v4 updates in Release Notes and Changelog.
  • Address any issues with a little help from Partners support.
One of the most incredible features of OpenDAX v4 is the ability to participate in the Yellow Network and aggregate liquidity, performing ultra-fast low-cost trading.
Please view the Yellow Network page and the Yellow Network documentation to learn more.
Also, we suggest you get to know better the core of Opendax v4: Finex Engine and Brokerage Smart Contracts logic.
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