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OpenDAX crypto trading platform by openware
OpenDAX is a modular platform to deploy and operate a cryptocurrency exchange with a trading engine and built-in liquidity solution.
The following documentation will help you to understand, install, customize, and administer OpenDAX v4.
OpenDAX v4 Advantages
One of the most incredible features of OpenDAX v4 is the ability to participate in the Yellow Network and aggregate liquidity, performing ultra-fast low-cost trading.
Alongside, OpenDAX v4 solves many of the market restrictions and offers unique features:
  • Drastically lower price of launching and operating a crypto exchange business.
  • Simple and quick cloud installation.
  • Handy customization tools.
  • Clear and intuitive UI.
  • Web3 technologies for more convenient and secure trading.
  • Ability to aggregate liquidity from the Yellow Network.
  • High-performance and low-cost off-chain transactions via Yellow Network state channels.

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